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Frequently Asked Questions
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1. How many times a week do I need to do Pilates?
Pilates students, especially new students, should take lessons at least twice a week. Consistency is crucial for internalizing the Method and progressing to the next level. Feel free to take a combination of private lessons and group equipment classes

2. What should I wear?
We request that our clients wear clothing appropriate for exercise. Pilates is done without shoes. Something to keep in mind: At times your head or legs will be elevated while doing Pilates. Excessively loose clothing tends to bunch and distract many students while working out. Our dress code requires that if a client chooses to wear shorts, she or he must wear the proper undergarment. Short shorts and jeans are not appropriate.

3. I'm overweight/out-of-shape/recovering from an injury/surgery. Can I do Pilates?
Yes! Pilates is an exercise that anyone can do with proper instruction. Our instructors are trained to tailor every lesson to each client's individual needs. Several of our current clients have chronic pain and use Pilates as rehabilitation and pain management. We do request that you provide us with a doctor's release after any recent surgery.

4. I'm pregnant! Can I do Pilates?
Okay, we lied a little. Pregnant women are the exception to the "Everyone Can Do Pilates" rule. We follow the belief that pregnant women should not start any new exercise program, therefore we will not train pregnant women who are new to Pilates. We will train those who have been consistently practicing Pilates. We do require a note of permission from your obstetrician. Pilates is an excellent postpartum exercise. Feel free to start as soon as you get the okay from your doctor.

5. Will I lose weight?
Think "I will lose inches." Pilates will increase your muscle mass, so your weight will most likely increase. Pilates tones and reshapes the body into a sleek and firm specimen.

6. Will I get sweaty?
Most students do not get sweaty during their initial Pilates training. As you advance in your training, you begin moving more quickly, flowing through the exercises, which creates heat in the body, and therefore, sweat.

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